Muhammad Hassan Miraj

I am a federal Government employee. Coming from PAF College Sargodha, one of the very few places in today’s Pakistan,where the reasoning and intellect still matters, I want to see Pakistan as a welfare state, where religion is an individual’s personal affair. Reading and collecting books claim most of my time and energies. After seeing Holocaust museum in Washington, I am very optimistic about Pakistan.


75 thoughts on “Muhammad Hassan Miraj”

  1. Dear Mr. Hassan Miraj,

    I am a regular reader of ‘The Dawn’ website. I read your article

    Thank you for a most vivid and well written article! I look forward to reading more from you.


    Sanjay Manohar (Bangalore, India)

  2. Thank You Sanjay, I am honored.

  3. uroojraza said:

    I am huge fan of your writes up. but could not reach U at all. Kindly contact me on

  4. Dear Hassan am a regular reader and avid admirer of how you bring life to places like gujrat/lalamusa which i passed many times a year whilst at medical school in lahore I would have never thought albeit foolishly in hindsight that they were so rich in history.
    I do visit pakistan now twice a year and would dearly like to meet you if I can and if you were to be free
    My email address is

  5. satish chadha said:

    Dear Muhammad Hassan Miraj,
    slam-ai-lakam, Namastay,Sat-siri-Akal, Bon-jour and how are you.
    I was just surfing and looking for some town in Pakistan and I saw your blog.
    I got to admit one thing to you, I generally get bored reading blogs, but with your writting I got hooked and read every word of it, Now I have created a short cut so I can read it every day, please keep it up such agood work so I have some thing to read.You are a great writter.
    May be you can help me to locate the village near Dinga named Halain, my mother was born there, as per some of my relatives Halain is only few kilometers from Dinga, My father was born in Jalallpur Jatan, which was easy to locate , but Halain is no where to be found near Dinga, please help.
    Satish Chadha

  6. I read your article for the first time and fell in love with your writing style. It has such richness and turns ordinary into extraordinary. I ma from Sialkot and have never seen the Sialkot Fort. I feel stupid now. Thanks for making me less stupid

  7. All of us are stupid in one way or the other

  8. Hassan Sahab please give me your mobile number. I want to contact with u.

  9. Muhammad Hassan Miraj Sahib! Just a week or two ago I first read your blog. And rarest of rare thing happened … I immediately became addicted. You are able to create a feeling within the reader that connects him to the very atmosphere of your depiction. And as icing on the cake, your current pieces of writing are all about my native towns of Narowal and Pasrur.
    Like everybody else, I am also clueless about where to find you and how to reach you.
    Anyways, ALLAH kary zor-e-qalam aur ziyada!!

  10. your article on amrta preetam…… a blissful article. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL MIND, in true sense of the words. am a retired gov servant. would love to have a meal with you when you visit lahore. . my e mail address is ijaz mirza

  11. Abr_e_Gurezaan said:

    Please add my name to your fan club! I’m sure that the joy readers get from your writings only reflects the beauty that exists within your own heart. Grateful to the almighty that someone like you was blessed with the writing-gene to spread some of it!



  12. Dear Miraj ji, I was deeply moved by your story on Eimanabad. I had heard the name in Gurdwaras since my childhood, but never knew the history of the place. I will love to find out the history of 2 other places very dear to my heart. The first one is Mandi Dhaban Singh, Dist Sheikhupura, my birth place. It is close to Sangla Hills and its name has since been changed. The second place I love and where I went to primary school is a village by the name of Ratti Tibbi, not far from Mandi Dhaban Singh.Can you suggest me some reading on these two places?

    I loved your reference to the town of Karnal, which became our family’s home after we left Pakistan in 1947. While living there, I visited Liaqat Ali Khan’s Haveli in Chhatti Gali (covered street).

    If you ever visit the Bay Area in California, I will love to meet you.

    • Mohinder Ji,
      I truly appreciate your words and am humbled. Few years back, I visited a place and on my way back I talked to my father and casually told him, that I have been to safdar abad. His eyes swell with tears. I tell you he is not an ordinary man and like most of them from your generations have worked very hard to reach where he is. I asked him the reason and he said , I wonder how they can do these things to places. Safdarabad was once Dhaban Singh, to be more precise, Mandi Dhaban SIngh. I have been there so many times and have even spent a night there. If you happen to put aside the horrific news they tell you and plan a visit to Pakistan, you shall each and every of these places. Thatha Mukhtar, Mandi Dhaban Singh are now located on a carpeted road, that links lyallpur to Lahore via Nankana. I will inquire more, let me know of any other thing. can you be precise in telling me where this ratti tibbi was, like in what direction/

      • Dear Miraj Saheb,

        If I ever meet your father, we will have a lot to talk about Mandi Dhaban Singh. It used to have a small railway station. I recall traveling to Sangla Hills to attend a wedding, and many times to Hafiz Abad to meet my mother’s Naanke. My mamaji’s home sat in the middle of 2 Muslim families, on one side was Karim Chacha, and on the other side was Kadir. The houses were built such that the roof top of one home was accessible from the other home. So the conversations continued in the summer evening on the kotha. Karim Chacha had a daughter, Sakina, of my age,and we used to walk to a village well together. Karim hid my mamaji in a big bin used to store wheat when the bad people came in search of sikh men during 1947 partition. Karim changed my mamaji’s rang roop and helped him to escape to a safe camp. Karim and my mamaji kept in touch, exchanged sagans on weddings until Karim passed away. I did not know the other neighbor, Kadir very well. My other memory of Mandi Dhaban Singh is traveling to Chuhar Kana where my masi used to live. Once my friends and I kept a taka on the railway line in Mandi Dhaban Singh, thinking that after the train flattens it, it will become a dawani. You guessed it, we lost our taka because it was blown away by the train. We were 5-6 years old then.

        Thanks for bringing my childhood memories back.

        Mohinder Gulati

  13. Dear Miraj g…
    plz add me to ur fan club too šŸ˜‰

  14. Dear Hassan Miraj,

    Aoa, first of I am really impressed by your blog. You are wonderful writer.

    I am free lance photographer and videographer. Recently I shot video at Puran Bhagat Well. I wanted to give some description about it, and the best thing on net I could find was article by you. In this video I gave description from your article. I hope you don’t mind for it. I also gave credit to you in it’s description.

    Please contact me by email or ph

    Irfan Mirza
    Ph: 0092-300-6102430

  15. Dear Hassan Mirzaj,

    Following is the link for Puran Bhagat Video

  16. I came to your blog thru on llyalpur and really enthralled. It is a lyrical nostalgia one can instantly attract to and stay put. I can’t come to the term with what happened in 1947. How can few bad people take sway to impact lacs of lives? We should increase people to people contact through out the world and should feel as one in spite of different of nations, religions, languages etc. There should be universal civil society.

  17. Hello,
    Wonderful blog! I read a few of your entries on the Dawn Website and yes, I”m hooked. I’m amazed at the similarities that lives have across barriers.I guess one only needs to look, and with an open mind. And of course, your writing style is amazing and I hope to read more in the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
    -A. Garud

  18. I am speechless reading your blogs on dawn. May the good lord give more power to your pen.

  19. Thank You Naveed, I am honored

  20. I’m honored and humbled to have stumbled upon your writings. Loved every single thing you’ve written on dawn, especially partition related. Really looking forward to your book launch in India. Wish you all the luck in the world.

  21. tari Buttar said:

    Hello, sir! I’m from East Panjab and have some things I’m dying to know and wanna ask you as it’s about something in West Panjab. Please email me.

  22. Mohinder Gulati said:

    Miraj ji, When will your book be a viable in the US?

  23. Yudhvir Singh said:

    Miraj ji, I have been reading your blogs on I am addicted to your writings. We need more people like you on the both sides of border. I hope that sanity prevails.

  24. Hassan Sb. Its been almost 2 months since we last read from you. I hope everything is alright with you.

    • Ji,
      i am sorry, was busy with few official committments.. Umeed hay ba shart e zindagi ayenda nagha nahi hoga…

      • Lo ji, dil ko dil se rah nikli hai…. Kal hi aap ka poocha, aur aaj aap ka naya mazmoon aa gaya.
        (Your absence made me realize how addict I’ve become of your writings.)

  25. Dear Mr Miraj, I am writing on behalf of my Father who read your article about the Kamoke massacre 1947. he was on duty that fateful day, a 19 year old Sepoy of 3rd Para Battalion Baloch Regiment under the command of Havildar Raja Mumtaz. His account mirrors that of Shrimuti Lajwanti whose statement you wrote, bar ONE major difference; the regiment did NOT fire upon refugee’s that day. On the contrary, they fired above heads of the Muslim mobs to disperse them but their attempts were futile – 11 soldiers were responsible for dispersing and combatting a mob of over 100 men and Police (Yes Police who were culpable), I can tell you that hundreds Police and yobs were shot at and several were killed by the Soldiers. My father wishes to speak to you, and relay his story and what he wants people to know about what happened that day – so friends and relations of the murdered victims on India can also forgive and understand the Soldiers that were supposed to be their relatives and friends guardians, after hearing my fathers account of the truth of that day. My father has been traumatised by this and many other incidents in 1947 and 48, he rues the day Independence was declared and the day Hindustan was split, and he knows, as he was there before, during and after and to this day! Please contact me and I will provide you (or vice versa) with email/phone number so you can speak to my 85 year old veteran father.

    • Hi,
      I have written you earlier as well. PLease send me in your phone no on

    • parveen banu said: DOES UR FATHER KNOW ABOUT BOOTA SINGH AND ZAINAB STORY,WHO JUMPED ON A MOVING TRAIN .IF YES PLZ TELL ME.PLZ READ THE LINK ALSO.AFTER READING THE LINK PLZ ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS –did zainab ever feel for her husband’s loss,for which she is solely responsible?did she ever cared to find about her elder daughter?did she have children from her second marriage?how can she disown her own children?i even read in another article that her second husband physically abused her and her daughter(from boota singh).why did she lie in court ,due to family pressure or is it like she lost interest in her first husband ,that she longed for second marriage,for which she didnt care about her children from her marriage from boota singh? and is she alive today? why i am asking is am planning to write a book on this,with ur help.i am deeply touched by this story.i have never been so emotional in life.and if life permits i may visit pakistan and visit u also on this issue.plz reply me as soon as possible,becoz i am serious.i want to know the rest part of zainab’s life.

  26. Mohammed Ali Khan said:

    I came across your blogs reading Dawn and I love reading them as they bring to imagination what the vision of Pakistan I want to embed in memory and countless stories its people and land is over flowing with. As an ex-pat your penmanship brings me closer to my homeland even being far away and I wish the ink does not dry for you for a long time to come.

  27. Dear Miraj,
    Your writing brings tears to my eye. Since my great grandfather migrated to india from village Idlana which is a part of Chinyot, i personally feel connected to your articles. I read your each and every blog with a hope to read something about my ancestral village. In my mind i know that i am hoping against the hope but my heart does not allow me to be rational. Prior to reading your blog, i had a wish to visit Pakistan now i have to wishes to visit Pakistani and also meet you. Hope someday i will be able to fulfill my both wishes. God bless you keep writing. Your admirer from india

  28. just happened to visit your blog.Its beautiful.i have No words to express My Joy.May i know the source of information?
    i love the way u record All these historical events.
    Stay blessed and keep writing .

    • The source of information is assorted. The local traditions, books on Multan, District Gazetteer for the years, work by Dr Syed Zahid Ali Wasti, Dr Rubina Tareen. Munshi Abdul Rehman, Khan Asif, and my stay in the city.

  29. What is the source of All This information?
    amazing work
    keep writing

  30. Thank You…

    • What Are your views on anar Kali tomb in Lahore.?
      the story is said to be a fiction, having No connection with reality
      What you suggest?

  31. It has a history, it used to be Kharak Singh s library. many views on the subject. People have serious reasons why Akbar never let it happen.

    • It is being said that when english people invaded sub continental the literacy rate was 98% and when They left It was only 12%, is It correct?

  32. Well, Though I have heard it from very scholatic people but I would still say it does not appeal the common sense. I agree that the given standard for being literate also varied but do you really beleive that People went to schools or could read write that way in India before. Even Royal families were not all 90 % educated, so what remains the figure-work for common people.

  33. Dear Miraj,

    Salaam and Sat Siri Akal

    It was sheer chance while serfing that I came across your wonderful blogs and three columns on history of Multan. This is the first blog which I read as well as listened. Your style of narration was just superb .Every word delivered with force and fineness. I fell in love with your blogs and registered myself on your site. I hope to read many such historical blogs in future.

    Regarding the point raised by Saba Awan that there was 98% literacy before East India co. Invaded seems much exaggerated . Our people were educated in ancient language like Sanskrit, Brahami, Hindi, Farsi . Urdu came after Mughal settled here . But scientific knowledge came after British came. Yes India’s economy was thriving and it was known as Sone ki Chidia. This is as per my limited knowledge. Thanks and Regards

  34. Thank you, I am honored.

  35. Tayyab Safdar said:

    Dear Miraj Sahab

    I have read a few of your blogs online. The work that you are contributing to is brilliant to say the least. It is preserving the history of our towns and cities and serves to remind people especially in the Punjab that this history spans over centuries. The official history in Pakistan as narrated does not engage with these topics.

    I am a PhD student at Cambridge and would like to engage in discussions with you further when am in Pakistan next.

    Best regards

  36. Rajinder Singh Manhas said:

    Dear Muhammad Hassan Miraj Ji,

    I have been enjoying your blogs for some time…today I read your story about Sir Ganga Ram…again…it is pure joy to peek into the beauty of these places,remarkable people and times when our elders lived together peacefully and did so much good for our culture..our well-being and our humanity…the way you express your observations and conversations with people,it feels like those places and people are directly talking to the reader.

    My family used to live in Chak 14 near Syadwala (Jaranwala Tehsil in those days)
    After moving to the Indian side in 1947…my grandmother…matriarch of the family.. continued to use names of these places while she meant to talk about places in East a child growing up with her she never said anything negative about anybody..that is one of the many gifts she gave me…your Multan story provided a glimpse in to a long and celebrated past of that ancient city…my wife’s father used to teach Pharsee in a town not far from there..she had heard from him some of his beautiful memories of Multan and its surrounding communities.

    Keep writing…you are bringing people are connecting people at the deepest levels of their is a beautiful art..thanks to the Dawn paper…and their
    support for the writings of people like you..hopefully they will continue to do so after the sad passing of Musadiq Sanwal…another wonderful soul..who as an editor was largely responsible for developing and nurturing the present…which I learned after he left us…I am sure you knew him.

    Warm regards,

    Rajinder Singh Manhas

    • Manhas Saheb,
      Sat Sree Akaal,
      I am honored by your kind words. I truly believe that I do not deserve such an appreciation. While I was growing up dadi (grandmother) was a huge inflluence, despite the fact that she was a religious woman, she always told me to value our culture. Her akhaan, gal baat and fikar vichaar is what I try to send across to my readers.
      I will be more than happy if you come and be my guest. We sure can go and visit all those places your parents left.

      Khush Wasso

  37. Does the tomb of Hir actually exists in Takht hazara Or it is just a myth?

    reference to Hazarat Warris Shah “Hir Ranjha”

  38. I am also proud to be a fan of Miraj Sahab. Thanks Dawn for publishing his writings!

    Mohinder Gulati

  39. Davinder Sethi said:

    Hassan miraj sir

    i am a great fan of your writings. i want to ask you about toba tek singh. Was there any locality known as Rampura in toba tek singh before partition in 1947. My grandmother told me that there were gobindpura and rampura in toba tek singh. I found govindpura on internet but failed to locate rampura but i could locate islampura. Is it possible that name of Rampura was changed to Islampura.

    Thanks and regards

  40. ali anser said:

    impressive hassan .. proud of you

  41. Dear Hassan Meraj
    I belongs to khanewal. I am writing feature on khanewal. I want to talk to you. Is it possible to talk to you on phone. Thats my no. 03433181818. Please share your no. With me.

    Faisal Saleem.

  42. GB Traveller said:

    Its wonderful to see such glowing comments for u, hassan meraj @GB travels. Please include me in your ever green fan who is following ur writings n life quietly. Heard u r changing lanes for some other profession. please do lemme know. Hope to drop in on first possible opportunity.

    • Thanks

    • Tashakur. I hope you did read the book..Rail ki Seeti…

    • satishchadha said:

      Dear Hassan Sahib, What a surprise to see your email, lately I been thinking quite often about you that I have not heard from you and I should write you, I hope every thing is fine with you and your family, I have taken an early retirement from my job and started an consulting business in the same line.You are such a gifted writer,Ā please keep on writing, your pen can build the bridgesĀ and that can make a world of a different, you heard it one pen, one piece of paper and one book could change a world for better.Keep on writing and stay in touch. Regards Satish Chadha Ā  From: KOI KON To: Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 12:04 PM Subject: [New comment] Muhammad Hassan Miraj #yiv4876497210 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4876497210 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4876497210 a.yiv4876497210primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4876497210 a.yiv4876497210primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4876497210 a.yiv4876497210primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4876497210 a.yiv4876497210primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4876497210 GB Traveller commented: “Its wonderful to see such glowing comments for u, hassan meraj @GB travels. Please include me in your ever green fan who is following ur writings n life quietly. Heard u r changing lanes for some other profession. please do lemme know. Hope to drop in on ” | |

  43. Muhammad Farooq said:

    I am M. Farooq Working in Qarshi Industries Pvt Ltd as a Deputy Manager Finance Haripur . Recently I read your Book “Rail ki City” , after this i plan to visit Uch Sharif .wonderful job done Plz provide your contact Number


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